Body, Mind & Spirit Fair

The Halifax Forum 

Multi-Purpose Center

2901 Windsor Street, Halifax, NS


June 7 - June 8

Angels' Essentials-Body, Mind and Spirit Fair features products, services and resources for growth and self development. The show seeks out extraordinary individuals, local businesses and organizations that offer products and services that assist in ones quest for

optimum health and wellness.


This Show will include but is not limited to;


Aromatherapy---Yoga---Fitness---Acupuncture---Angel Card Reading----Fine Art---Nutrition---Ayurveda---Meditation---Massage Therapy---Jewellery---Energy Healing---Crystal Therapy


The show will be donating a portion of funds to these 3 causes.. 


Hope for WildLife Society

Ecology Action Center

World WildLife Fund



Admission: $8 One Day, Two Day Pass $11​​
Advanced Tickets are $5....click here to get your tickets now! 



Timothy R. Walker, Ph. D -The Healing Circle

Speakers Schedule


10:00-Dale Letcher

        Slim Gyms


10:30-Angel Hall

11:00-Phylliss LaForest

11:30-Diane Dohertry

12:00-Halifax Mermaids

1:00-Wanda Amos



1:30-Angela Jeffrey's


2:30-Ricky Goodall



3:00-Thomas Christmas

3:30-Reena Davis

-The Science Behind Aging, Ways to slow the process down with a Proper Fitness Program


-"Its All About The Love "

-Yoga Dance-"Nataraja"


-What are the Akashic Records

 and how can you access your

 own soul record?

-Soul Retreival

-How to talk to trees

-"The Art of Dreamscaping:

  Manifest the Life You                 Imagined."


-Thai Massage


10:00-Kate Varsava


10:30-Neil Brown

11:00-Mayumi Endo

11:30-Dr. Li



12:30-Art of Living

1:00-Kelliena & Tracey

1:30-Lana Grant


2:00-George Leblanc


2:30-Paul Marr

3:30-Jennifer MacDonald

-Empowered Birth and the Ancient

  Wisdom behind it


-"Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy"

-Women's Health and Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine


-The Power of the Breath 


-"Soul Reader" - The story behind

  the Psychographer

-"Helping spirit cross over into the

   light and why we should do it"

-Youngevity 90 for life

-"Spiritual Authenticity"

2014 Exhibitors

Softly Soaps



Three Moons

Theresa Thompson

Sushma Henna

Sound Beings

Soap in your Mouth

Sarah's Creations

Sandy Fowler

Rose Theriault

Rock On

Reiki Relax Revive

Reena Davis Yoga And Wellness

Mystic and Holistic Events

Naglaa Mo

Mystic Mike

Mild to Wild Hot Sauce

Mayumi Endo

The Magical Closet

Mae Federicks

Jennifer MacaDonald

In The Raw

Halifax Association of Vegetarians

Falun Dafa

Environmental Defense

Energy Infusion

Divine Healing

Darlene's Readings

Diane Sweeney


Collision Sports

Colleen Magnetic

Boost International

Body, Life Atlantic

Blue Bird Trading Inc.

Blue Apples Naturals

Scotia Bees


Ann Perry-Hands on Purpose

Angel Hall

Canadian College of Acupuncture

Joannie Boux

Al's Youth Fitness Enlightenment Academy

Rev. George

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